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Price £12 per tape for more tapes we provide bulk discount   

You also Can post your tapes to NiwTech and we will send them back to your home or office

Convert VHS to DVD, Preserve your memories

VHS-C Video Transfer

We transfer, copy and convert normal VHS, VHS-C and S-VHS video tapes in Newport to DVD, USB and more.

VHS-C video tapes were one of the more popular camcorder formats in the 80’s and 90’s.

Need to convert your VHS tapes to digital media in Newport? We digitise tapes in Newport so you can watch them on your smart devices or share cherished memories with friends and family. Get videos in MP4,USB or DVD format for easy watching and sharing.

Tapes to Digital in Newport also clean mouldy tapes, convert broadcast tapes and repair broken or damaged tapes.

Do you have old video tapes in Newport that you want to preserve digitally in Newport? Our tape conversion service in Newport provides industry-leading transfers of camcorder tapes and video tapes to DVD or digital.

Whether you’re looking to preserve your home movies or are seeking a broadcast grade transfer, we’ve got you covered.

Editable VHS-C

Some of our customers require editable files for editing on a PC or MAC. We normally supply editable MP4 files which can play on both systems, bur other file formats are available on request.

Editable file sizes can be very large so you may need to supply an external hard drive or large capacity camera card or USB stick.

What We offer

  • Digitize tapes
  • Convert tapes to USB or DVD
  • Bulk discounts

VHS Tapes to DVD

We convert each tape onto a single DVD, which ensures maximum transfer quality. The titles from the tapes or provided list are printed on the surface. Works in any DVD player or disc drive.

VHS Tapes to USB

We convert your tapes to digital in Newport and supply them on a single memory stick, which you can use on Windows, Mac and most modern televisions.