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Students Computer Repair Cardiff

Cardiff Students

We know that we have a huge student community in Cardiff and we want to show our appreciation by giving something back.

Lots of students are living on a tight budget so when something catastrophic happens, like you crack your iPhone screen or spill something on your laptop, we want to students to be able to access high quality repairs without the stress of breaking the budget. University can be stressful enough without having the added worry of being unable to

Have you got a broken Laptop or MacBook?

Your laptop or MacBook might be your lifeline for getting through university so if it’s broken it’s likely to add a lot of unnecessary stress. This doesn’t need to be the case and the solution probably isn’t as expensive or drawn out as you might think.

NiwTech offers 30% student discount on all Laptop or MacBook repairs.

Bring your laptop in to our NiwTech Cardiff store so we can assess the situation as quickly as possible. The sooner you bring it to us, the quicker we can get it sorted for you and the sooner you will be to getting back on track.

How we work

Free diagnosis in 24 working hours
Our diagnosis is always free. We ask everyone to bring their device in to us so we can accurately assess the problem, which enables us to give you an exact price for the repair cost.

Fixed quote
When we have completed our diagnosis we can give you the total cost of the repair, including the 30% discount. You are under no obligation to accept our quote.

Premium parts
We understand the importance of maintaining a thorough stock for all makes and models of Laptops. It is unlikely that we don’t have the part required in stock because we want to ensure that our repair process is streamlined and efficient. We only use the best parts and we are guarantee the replacement part for 1 year.

Repair within 24 working hours
We like to ensure that we provide the highest quality service with the best parts possible, therefore it’s rare that we are unable to get your device back to you in 24 working hours.

One year Warranty
Whether you have repaired your laptop or MacBook we guarantee all of our repairs for one year because we are so confident in the quality of our work and the parts we use.