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Design your business leaflets with NiwTech

Flyers Leaflets Printing

Using leaflets to advertise your business is pretty old school these days, but used in conjunction with other marketing techniques it can be an incredibly powerful method of getting your business seen and grabbing people’s attention.

Have a physical copy of your services is a great way of reminding people that your business is there and your services are available.

The key to a good leaflet is in the design.

If you bring your ideas to NiwTech we can open up your business potential, by creating a custom leaflet design for you.

What are the benefits to leaflet advertising?


There is a zero percent VAT rate on leaflets in the UK.

Cheap production costs

Spending your money wisely and with a design team that understands your vision is priceless. Leaflet marketing is cost effective.

Cheaper per word

Leaflets are cheaper than paid digital marketing. Like any type of marketing they absolutely must be used correctly in order to be effective.

Visual and physical

Crisp design with bold lettering can draw the eye and once you have someone’s attention you are on their mind. The content of your leaflet will keep their attention there. Having a design that people are drawn to is the biggest battle, but luckily for you the design team at NiwTech are masters at grabbing and keeping people’s focus.


The size and shape of your leaflet can be bespoke to you and your business. The more unique the better. At NiwTech we always push design to the limits because we aren’t like any other design company.


You get to decide when, where and how you share your leaflets and there are lots of creative ways that you can do this.

Whether you want to attach your leaflets to your products, hand them out to people, or post them; the decision is yours.

Engage your customers

Attaching a discount or coupon to your leaflet is a sure way of getting your leaflet noticed and attracting people to use your services. An enticing offer to reel people in can turn these first time customers in to returning clients.

Ways to ensure that your leaflets get noticed and not binned…

Not Junk

You need people to pay attention to the message your delivering and your design and delivery are crucial to this.

Let NiwTech take care of the design side and you can be assured that every inch of your leaflet will be thought provoking.

Not Overlooked

Getting your message across and your brand noticed are key when choosing this type of marketing. If you’re distributing your leaflet in person then you need to grab the person’s attention and ensure that your sales pitch is perfect.

If you want to display your leaflets in physical venues then a professional, bespoke design is needed to ensure that your business stands out from the rest.

Marketing Analysis

You need to decide if leaflets are the best medium to get your point across. You need to know your target audience and whether what you’re trying to provide will come across well on a printed leaflet.

Design focus

Your leaflet is more likely to see the inside of a rubbish bin if its overloaded with too many words and generally poorly formatted. People will see the quality of the work that has gone in to the leaflet and may think it’s a reflection of your business.

A well-intended design process with purposed fonts and pictures can say a lot more than lots of paragraphs of words. NiwTech are professional design and marketing experts and the success of our business has come from keeping up with all design trends.

There are many ways to distribute your leaflets

The way you choose to hand out your leaflets is entirely up to you, and the most effective way could be dependent on what type of business you have and what services you offer.

Door to door

This is a passive way of handing your leaflet to people. Putting your leaflet through somebodies door can be an successful way of getting your business services noticed, especially when you carefully consider the location of the houses you would like to distribute your leaflets.

Face to face

If you hand a person your leaflet along with a well thought out sales pitch then this can be a far more memorable method of marketing than an online advert. Timing and location can be an important factor for the success of your marketing campaign, you’re far more likely to be more successful at a busy shopping centre. The benefit of handing out leaflets face to face is being able to answer any questions that people may have then and there. If you can think of any special occasions or functions that might be relevant to your business then targeting these with a well-designed leaflet and thought-provoking sales pitch can be extremely effective.

Business to business

Would your business benefit another business? Is there an mutual benefit that could be gained by you both? Perhaps your business may benefit the staff group that work there. If you can think of a certain demographic audience that use your business and target them directly, this could be far more successful than going door to door or face to face. Or maybe the business clientele would benefit from your business services and you can leave your leaflets somewhere that these clients will see.

What makes an effective leaflet?


A7- popular for street flyers and can be easily kept by a passer-by on the street.
A6- Postcard sized and is ideal for delivering through letterboxes.
A5- this is a good size for take-away menus and invitations.
A4- the size of a normal sheet of paper. This size can hold a lot of information and can be folded in many different ways.
A3- a good way of displaying concise information clearly.


Your leaflet should be professionally designed in order to entice the customer and convey your message. The customer can see the effort and care taken to design and professionally print your leaflet and see this as a reflection of your business. Using a professional design service like NiwTech can cultivate trust between your customers and your business.


The written words on your leaflet need to be thought provoking and concise. Leaflets with lots of text look sloppy and unprofessional. Generate interest and get your customers to take a second look by thinking out of the box.


Often it isn’t what you say but how you say it. Carefully thinking about the language you use can appeal more to your target demographic. Use your language to evoke feelings with your customers, gain their trust, inspire them to make a change.


Use the most powerful image for the success of your leaflet marketing campaign. A picture that nails the brief can say a lot more than any words. Using logos and sleek designs can break up the text and keep readers interested in all of the information presented.

Less is more

You know the goal of your leaflet, so get to the point as quickly as possible. Make the information important and easily accessible by readers who can scan through quickly.


Offer a discount with your leaflet that will make people want to keep it and use your business services.

Call to action

Make it obvious how people can get in touch with you, visit your business, visit your website. QR codes are often a great way of getting people engaged in your business.


If your leaflet offers something on return of the leaflet then you can monitor how effective your leaflet marketing campaign was. You can track your success by using different QR codes on different batches of leaflets. This way you can identify the successes of this marketing campaign in order to repeat them for future advertising opportunities.

The NiwTech process

Sit down with our NiwTech designers so we can come up with a clear plan and a combined vision for your business leaflet.

Decide what information you want to contain on your leaflet

  • What are the most valuable pieces of information that you want your clients to know?
  • What aspects of your business services to you want to shine?
    Is there something new that you want to promote?
  • Can you offer a discount or coupon with your leaflet so that it isn’t discarded?

How do you want your leaflet to look?

  • What colour scheme would you like?
  • What kind of imagery do you want on your leaflet?
  • What fonts would you like to use?
  • Do you want to fold your leaflet, and if so, how?

How do you want to use your leaflet?

  • Will you hand it to people directly?
  • Will you post it through letterboxes?
  • Will you put it in venues for people to notice?

Once we have a clear goal and vision you can leave it with us. We will have an open dialogue with you about your leaflet design and production. Our processes are streamlined so that it’s easy and seamless from start to finish.

Get in touch today to start your newest advertising campaign.