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SSD Upgrade for Apple Macs in Cardiff , Apple Mac SSD Upgrade

Apple Mac SSD Upgrade

A Solid-State Drive (SSD) is the newest technology that replaces a HDD. It is much faster than a HDD as it does not use mechanical parts, rather it stores data by using flash memory chips so it negates the need for the movement of the read/write head. This also means that it is less prone to mechanical failure.

Why should you get an SSD upgrade?

Your computer may have become noticeably sluggish when compared to peers newer models. This does not mean you need to invest in a new computer if you don’t want to. Upgrading your HDD to an SSD will make your device much, much faster so much so that it may even feel like you’re using a new computer. An SSD cuts the time that was taken by your HDD to mechanical read data to mere nanoseconds, making it 10 times faster. The loss of the read/write arm means that there is no chance of that mechanical failure. If you are currently running on a HDD then it really is only a matter of time before it becomes slower and slower and eventually fails, meaning that your important data could be jeopardised. It is better to upgrade to a SSD whilst your data is more readily transferable from your current HDD to the new SDD.

If you have a HDD every time you update your Operating System (OS) you are creating a bigger bottleneck within your computer, making it slower and slower. Every new edition of an OS requires more computing power and when these HDDs were manufactured in to your computer we couldn’t predict the potential power required.

Can NiwTech (Cardiff) upgrade my HDD to an SSD?

Yes! Our technicians at NiwTech have over 20 years experience in a wide range of upgrade options and repairs. We are industry experts and we are also Apple specialists. We have carried out SSD upgrades many, many times and the responses are always along the lines of “it feels like a new computer!”. We are confident in what we do and we know that you are in good hands, but for your peace of mind we give 12 months warranty on all our replacement parts. It is a long-term investment as it can add years of life to your computer.

What happens if I suspect that my HDD is failing?

If you think your HDD is failing you might have noticed a couple of tell-tale signs, like your device is making strange noises, it crashes randomly or you get a lot of error messages. If this is happening then you should definitely act fast and bring it to NiwTech. Yes, data is recoverable when it does eventually fail, but it would be much easier to transfer it while the HDD is still functioning at some level rather than when it completely dies. Our NiwTech experts can upgrade you to an SSD and put all your files back exactly where they were originally as if nothing ever happened. We are confident that you won’t be disappointed with the new speeds you will be able to work at. Upgrading to an SSD gives your device a new lease of life and can add years to its lifespan, so really is a good investment. Other computer shops may try to convince you to just buy a new device but at NiwTech we know that you probably don’t want to readily part with something that was an important investment. Just because one component is getting a bit old and tired doesn’t mean that it is the end of the device’s life.

Choose NiwTech

We have over 20 years experience in all models of computers, laptops and Macs. We love a challenge and we really believe we have seen it all. We take on challenges that other computer shops would turn away. We are so confident in our abilities that we can diagnose computer issues in as little as 4 hours and within a maximum of 24 hours. Our diagnosis is always free and you are under absolutely no obligation to carry out work with us. When we give a quote, this is our final price, we aren’t shady and we never add on additional charges under the premise that the job became harder than we thought. We provide a 12 month warranty on all of our hardware parts and 6 months software support if we have upgraded any software for you. We love what we do and our reputation as trusted technicians is important to us. If you think that you need to buy a new computer you should come and talk to us first about potential upgrades that we can carry out so that your computer can finally keep up with what you need it to do. Let our NiwTech experts perform a full diagnosis and we can determine what we can do so that your upgraded computer can exceed your expectations.