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MacBook Air Repair cardiff

MacBook Air Repairs Cardiff, The MacBook Air is a line of Apple laptop computers developed and manufactured by Apple Inc. It consists of a full-size keyboard, a machined aluminium case, and a thin light structure. The MacBook Air was originally positioned above the previous MacBook line as a premium ultraportable Since then, the original MacBook’s discontinuation in 2011, and lowered prices on subsequent iterations, have made the Air Apple’s entry-level laptop. As a result, the MacBook Air is situated below the performance range of the MacBook Pro in the current product line.
We provide professional MacBook Air repair Cardiff services on your high-performance MacBook Air computer. So bring your MacBook Air to our Shop today for Free Quote.

MacBook Air Repair Specialist Cardiff

We don’t just repair the fault that you mention. Instead, NiwTech (Cardiff) provides a complete diagnosis of your MacBook Air to ensure that once your Apple MacBook Air is repaired by one of our Apple Mac Specialists here At NiwTech, your MacBook Air is working as good as new. This means we look for faults with your Apple MacBook Air in Cardiff that you may not even know about but could cause you a return visit in the future.

MacBook Air Screen Repairs Cardiff

The MacBook Air often get dropped, smashed, sat on, closed. At the same time, something between the screen and the upper case can result in the MacBook Air Screen, display cracking, Flickering, Dead pixels, Vertical or horizontal lines, backlight failing, or times screens can go faulty or malfunction.
Our professionals do Cardiff’s MacBook Air Screen replacement and repair services and supervise excellence.

What causes you to have MacBook Air screen replacement in Cardiff?

  • Dropping your MacBook Air onto a hard surface
  • Dropping Strong object onto the MacBook Air screen
  • Placing a heavy object on top of the MacBook Air.
  • Many items in your MacBook Air bag
  • Water or liquid spillage on your MacBook Air screen
  • MacBook Air Screen Connector Problem, screen cable cut
  • MacBook Air motherboard faulty
  • Wrong or not original charging adapter

Common Apple MacBook Air Issues we Repair in Cardiff

  • Hard drive, solid-state drive (Repair, Replacements and Data Recovery)
  • Logic Board, Motherboard (Repairs, Replacements, Level 3 Component Repairs)
  • Keyboard (Replacements, Upper Case Replacement)
  • Trackpad (Repairs, Replacements)
  • Display, Retina Display and LCD (Repairs, Replacements)
  • Battery (Replacements)
  • Audio jack and audio jack board (Repairs, Replacements)
  • Speaker (Repairs, Replacements)
  • Wireless (Repairs, Replacements)
  • Bluetooth (Repairs, Replacements)
  • USB-C port and USB (Repairs, Replacements)
  • Microphone (Repairs, Replacements)
  • Memory (Replacements, upgrades)
  • CPU fan (Repairs, Replacements)

Why you need MacBook Air Keyboard Replacement Service in Cardiff?

MacBook Air keyboard could have a fault or completely faulty for Meany reasons, and the cause of a faulty MacBookAir keyboard could happen by one of the following causes

  • Spilling liquid, Water across or on your MacBook Air keyboard.
  • Knocked out or losing any of your MacBook Air keyboards.
  • While cleaning your MacBook Air keyboard, you used the wrong cleaning kit.