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A logic board is considered the processing centre, or the brain if you like, of your Apple Mac. Your Apple Mac is composed of many different hardware parts and all of them obviously need to perform a function. The logic board takes you, the users, input and converts it in to your desired output by processing the commands in to electrical messages that your hardware components can understand. All the hardware parts in your Apple Mac are connected to the logic board. The logic board is the work horse of your Apple Mac and it processes an immense amount of data and because of this it could produce a lot of heat if not properly managed. 

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How do I know that they are issues with my logic board in my Apple Mac?

You may be having issues with your Apple Mac and you may not realise that your logic board is the cause of these problems because the problem only applies to one specific function of your Apple Mac. Whilst it could just be, for example, that the USB port of your Apple Mac is faulty, it is better to get a full diagnosis to ensure that the underlying problem isn’t actually your logic board.

Some of the most common signs that your logic board is damaged are:

  • The battery is not charging
  • The battery is not recognised
  • Not turning on
  • Randomly crashes or unexpectedly shuts down
  • Display or backlight issues
  • USB ports not working
  • Lots of fan activity, e.g. running at max speed or very noisy
  • Abnormal noises, e.g. clicking or grinding
  • MacBook overheating
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What happens when the Apple Mac logic board fails?

As previously mentioned, the signs of a logic board failure can be so specific that you don’t know that your logic board is damaged. The specific issue you are experiencing depends entirely on the part of your logic board that is damaged.

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How can a logic board in a Apple Mac be damaged?

The logic board in your Apple Mac can be damaged in many ways, which is not what you want to hear, I know. The most common causes of logic board damage that we see at NiwTech are via liquids being spilled on your Apple Mac, if you Apple Mac is dropped the logic board can crack or sometimes the chips in the logic board are faulty. 

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Did you bring your Apple to the Apple store to be told that your logic board has failed and you should buy a new Apple Mac?

So you’ve visited the Apple store and they’ve told you that your logic board has failed and that that you should just buy a new Apple Mac. Is this true? Not necessarily. Apple will not tell you that you can get your Apple Mac repaired at an independent repair shop, but you can.


We at NiwTech know how much of an investment a new Apple Mac is, they aren’t cheap and even if you were able to buy a new one, maybe you would be sad to see your device go. This is why we are here to help. In today’s world, electronics do not seem to be made to last and not many people realise that you can actually fix the issue with your Apple Mac and extend it’s life by years. Our Apple specialist technicians at NiwTech are experts in repairing logic boards regardless of the cause of the fault, whether it be liquid damage or faulty chips.

How much would it cost to get my Apple Mac logic board repaired at NiwTech Cardiff?

Depend on the fault with your logic board your problems could be solved for as little as £80, which is far less than a brand-new Apple Mac. At NiwTech we provide a completely free diagnosis so that we know 100% what the exact issue is. We perform our diagnosis with absolutely no obligation for you to pay for us to carry out the repair. If you would like us to quote you a price for the repair this price is final, at NiwTech we know that hidden costs are a scam and we would never add anything on to our quoted price. Our diagnosis can be done between 4 to 24 working hours and your repair will be completed within 24 working hours. Much, much easier than buying a new Apple Mac don’t you think?

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How does NiwTech Cardiff diagnose a Apple Mac logic board failure?

If our Apple specialists at NiwTech suspect that the logic board is the problem then the first thing that we do is dismantle your Apple Mac and visually inspect the logic board. Sometimes there are tell-tale signs that the logic board is the problem, such as areas of corrosion or burn outs. Opening the Apple Mac and inspecting the hardware components is also a good way of assessing overall damage and ruling out other possible causes for your issues. Once we have isolated the fault, in this case the logic board we then test it with an ohmmeter to see exactly which components are faulty and causing the issue you are experiencing.

Our diagnosis is carried out in a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 24 hours. Once we have carried out our diagnosis we will explain to you the exact issue and you are in no way obligated to carry out the repair with us. If you do, and we hope you do, we can have your fully functioning device back to you in 24 working hours.

How does NiwTech repair a Apple Mac logic board failure?

Once we have completed our diagnosis our options are either to replace your logic board with an OEM part or to isolate and replace the faulty chips. There are thousands of chips within the logic board and if too many are damaged then it would be more feasible and efficient to replace the logic board. This task is incredibly labour intensive and our NiwTech experts are meticulous and work their hardest to always give you the best option to get your Apple Mac to you as quickly as possible, this means that we will have it back to you within 24 working hours.

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