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Out-of-Warranty Service

Our Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians utilize Apple’s proven diagnostics processes and extensive in-house resources to investigate reported symptoms and provide options for resolution. We don’t charge for diagnose the hardware issue you’re experiencing, meaning theres no surprises if the symptom you’re experiencing is difficult to diagnose. Once a diagnosis has been established, our technicians will reach out with a quote before proceeding with any repairs. We’ll do our best to preserve the data on your computer, but we always recommend keeping a backup of your information.

Who we are

Our NiwTech engineers are the best at what they do. Over 20 years our technicians have honed their skills in all kinds of Apple Mac repairs on all Apple Mac models and today we stand at the forefront of the Apple Mac repair and solutions industry.


Our passion shines through in the work that we do. We firmly believe that if you don’t love what you do then you can’t possibly do it the best. This is why we have such a good reputation with our clients and have built our business on integrity.


All of our repairs are done on-site. We never send your Apple Mac device away to be repaired by any third party. You are welcome to check out our in-store lab at any time so that you can see how we work and more importantly, how high our standards are.

Walk-in repairs

Walk-in repairs

Mail-in Repairs

Mail-in Repairs

On-site Repairs

On-site Repairs



What we do

We started small learning to repair computers and Apple Mac devices from their inception. As technology has advanced and upgrades have been made in the design of hardware components and software innovation, we too have been going from strength to strength behind the scenes. We wouldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t invest in our knowledge of technology and keep up to date with all of the advances.


Our NiwTech engineers provide Apple Mac support and solutions for any Apple Mac model. We have carried out a huge number of screen replacements, battery replacements, keyboard replacements, liquid damage repair and Hard-drive upgrades.

Free Diagnosis

Free Diagnosis

Quote First

Quote First

Mac Repair

Mac Repair

12 Month Warranty

12 Month Warranty

How we work  for Apple Mac Repairs 

Apple Mac Every diagnosis we do is free - Niwtech

Free diagnosis

Every diagnosis we do is free.

Our diagnosis takes a maximum of 24 working hours

In almost every case of an Apple Mac repair we need to perform a thorough diagnosis. This is to isolate the issue our clients are experiencing.


Sometimes the problem with the Apple Mac is vague and there are a number of issues which are affects the normal performance of the Apple Mac device. Then of course a complete diagnosis is crucial as these issues could point to a number of faults.


Other times the issue with a client’s Apple Mac device can be obvious, such as a damaged screen, but we also recommend a complete diagnosis in this instance to ensure that no other issues have been caused during the mechanism of the damage.

Student Discounts in all our Apple Mac Repairs.

A fair price

After we perform our complete, free diagnosis we will be able to give you an exact price for the repair of your Apple Mac device. This price will never change and we don’t add on any hidden charges when it comes time to pay. More importantly however, our prices are fair and we don’t inflate them beyond what is reasonable. This is proven through our many excellent reviews.

Apple Mac Repairs A fair price - NiwTech

Professional friendly advice for Apple Mac Repairs.

Apple Mac Repairs Parts on stock - NiwTech

Fully stocked

Through our many years of experience we have gained knowledge of the most common problems that Apple Mac users experience and what parts are required. This has enabled us to build up a healthy stock so that we can get your repair done as efficiently as possible. All of our hardware parts are OEM and come with a 12 month guarantee for your peace of mind.

No appointment required.

All fixed in no time

No matter the repair we need to carry out you can expect your Apple Mac device back to you in 24 working hours.


We understand that your Apple Mac device is your lifeline to get your work done or interact online so we know you do not want to be without it for too long. We work our hardest to get it back to you in as little time as possible. We have revised our processes and procedures many times to ensure that we are doing our repairs as fast as we possibly can.

Apple Mac Repairs All fixed in no time - NiwTech

Remember to backup your data.

Apple Mac Repairs Walk in service - NiwTech

Walk in service

Covid-dependent, we provide a walk-in service that tends to suit our client’s needs the best. The moment you experience an issue with you Apple Mac device you can bring it to us and we can begin the process of our complete, free diagnosis. The sooner the better because the sooner we can get it back to you working as it should.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact NiwTech.

No Apple Warranty? No problem

The issues with your Apple Mac device always seem to happen when the warranty has run out and maybe you don’t have insurance either. This can cause a lot of distress at the time when the Apple Mac issue presents itself, however this doesn’t need to be stressful for too long.


Many people are sceptical about the safety and quality of repairs outside of Apple themselves, however we would like to assure you that this does not need to be a worry. Not only are our excellent reviews from genuine customers a testament the service that we provide, we have spent 20 years ensuring that the quality of our work is exceptional.


Sometimes our clients go to Apple and are told that the repair cannot be done or the price of the repair is astronomical. We are here as proof that this is not necessarily always the case. We have helped many people sort out their Apple Mac issues for a fraction of the price or when Apple told them it was possible. Our diagnosis is free so it doesn’t hurt to give us a try.

Apple Mac Repairs No Apple Warranty? No problem NiwTech

Best solution for your Apple Mac Repairs.

Apple Mac Servicing and Cleaning - NiwTech

Apple Mac Servicing and Cleaning

Apple Mac devices are wonderful machines and in order to maintain peak performance it is crucial that your device is given a once over and a good clean every now and then. We provide an Apple Mac health check that includes an inspection of all the hardware components as well as a thorough internal and external clean.

We look after our environment

Priority Service

If you can’t wait 24 working hours for a diagnosis and a further 24 working hours for repair, we can have your diagnosis performed in as little as 4 hours and some repairs can be carried out while you wait.


We keep our parts fully stocked so that we can carry out the most common repairs as quickly as possible. Some issues are easier to diagnose than others so if you need to jump the queue just let us know.

Apple Mac Repairs Priority Service - NiwTech

Peace of mind starts here at NiwTech

Apple Mac Repairs Data Transfer - NiwTech

Data Transfer

If you’re struggling to get your data from one Apple Mac device to another, whether it be another Apple Mac device or a different computer brand we are here to help.


We can easily get all your data securely moved over in no time at all in a logical and easy to use format when you need it on your new device.

Fixed repair price – no surprise

Data Recovery

This is everyone’s worst case scenario- you are normally in the middle of a big project or assignment and your Apple Mac shows you a worrying blank screen, is making horrible noises or won’t turn on at all.


The most important thing to do is not to panic and to bring it you us. We have recovered data from Apple Mac devices that other repair shops have refused and we have recovered data from a huge range of damaged components such as hard drives, SD cards and memory sticks.

Apple Mac Data Recovery NiwTech

One-To-one support when you need it

Apple Mac Upgrades can boost your performance - Niwtech

Upgrades can boost your performance

If your Apple Mac device is struggling to keep up with your performance needs this doesn’t always mean that you need to bin it and start again. Apple Mac devices are an investment and even if you have the investment ready to go you may actually be able to get more life out of your current Apple Mac device by a simple upgrade.


At NiwTech we have carried out many hard-drive and RAM upgrades. The performance boost is immediately a stark contrast in what you were previously working with and additionally, it can add years to your current Apple Mac.

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Apple Mac users always expect the best performance from an Apple Mac but when the Apple Mac gets slower turning on or while working with video editing programs or graphics software the Apple Mac freezes or turns off by itself.
It’s an issue that Apple Mac users don’t expect to face.

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