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    Terms & Conditions:

    1. I authorise NiwTech Ltd to diagnose and provide a quotation for the device listed above. I agree that upon acceptance of the price given, all necessary work will be carried out.
    2. I understand that the service is on a no fix no fee basis, unless I have for any reason refused the repair which will require me to collect from the NiwTech Ltd premises, I also understand that if I should require a return delivery by NiwTech Ltd in these circumstances, there will be a £45 charge.
    3. I understand that this form is to be shown as proof upon collection by myself.
    4. I should collect the device within 7 days of the repair confirmation email, phone call or text. In the event that my device has not been collected, it will incur a charge of £10 daily up until 1 month. Any uncollected equipment for longer than 1 month will automatically become property of NiwTech Ltd.
    5. I understand that in the event of my device suffering any impact or water damage within the 6-month warranty, it will be void and proof of the defect will be provided via photographs.
    6. I understand that NiwTech Ltd is not responsible for any illegal software or files that may be on my device.
    7. I confirm that my device that has been given to NiwTech Ltd for repair is not in full working order and is in need of diagnoses and/or repair.
    8. I confirm that upon receipt of my repaired item, I will be responsible for changing any passwords that have been accessible to NiwTech Ltd within 48 hours. This is to protect NiwTech Ltd r against any breach of security on my device in the event of a breach by an outside source.
    9. I understand that the NiwTech Ltd team, which guarantees full confidentiality, will protect all personal files and data contained in my device.