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Frequently Asked Questions

Safety Measures

Q: Are you open during covid 19?

A: Yes We are open during covid 19 please visit our opening hours >

Q: Will I have to wear a mask when I visit an NiwTech Store?

A: Yes. Face masks will be required for all our teams and customers while visiting an NiwTech Store and we will provide them to customers who don’t bring their own.

Q: Will I have to queue?

A: You may experience short waiting times before being served

Q: What protocols are you following to keep NiwTech Store locations clean?

A: Throughout the day, we’re conducting enhanced deep cleaning that places special emphasis on all surfaces, display products and highly trafficked areas. Devices that are passed back and forth between our team members and customers are wiped down before and after each use. We also conduct enhanced deep cleaning of our stores at night.

Repairs & Support

Q: Do I need an appointment?

A: No. You can visit an NiwTech store without any appointment and our team will help you.

Q: Will my device be repaired while i wait?

A: Yes & No. depending in the type of the repair, We can carry out some repairs while you wait and some repairs will requires free diagnostic first. Please visit The Way We Work at NiwTech >

Payment methods

Q: How can i pay at an NiwTech store?

A: You can typically use these methods

  • Apple Pay
  • Credit Card or Debit Card
  • Google Pay
  • Cash 

Q: When NiwTech charges you?

A: You be charged only after completion of the service.