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free printing for Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and University of Wales Students’


NiwTech are committed to providing excellent students services as we value the hard work and dedication that goes in to completing a university degree or masters.

This is why we are offering all university level students with a valid student ID for either Cardiff University or Cardiff Metropolitan University the opportunity to print up to 20 A4 black and white pages for free.

We are hoping that this will provide our university students with the opportunity to print their dissertation for free.

We also offer a free scanning service if you are unable to readily access a scanner.

How it works:

  1. Bring your student ID and a digital copy of your document or dissertation to NiwTech.
  2. We have a dedicated printing station where you can access your document to print.
  3. Printing can only be done in A4 black and white.
  4. Printing for more than a 1-page document will be double sided.
  5. You’re good to go, good luck!

Terms and conditions

  1. Students must be able to show a valid, in date, Cardiff University or Cardiff Metropolitan University student ID.
  2. Students are only permitted to print university assignments.
  3. Students are only permitted to print Word documents with any associated graphs/ tables within them.
  4. NiwTech will not provide printing services for any documents that are not part of university assignments, such as pictures or posters.
  5. Students are only permitted to print a maximum of 20 pages.
  6. All printing will be done in A4 black and white only, no exceptions.
  7. NiwTech are providing this free service as a way to aid university students to progress in their studies without having the financial burden of using paid printing services. NiwTech reserves the right to refuse any printing requests that we do not deem to be appropriate or fit our criteria.