NiwTech® Web Design

Behind The Scenes

Leave all the hard work to us. We have over 20 years in web design and development.

We are proud of our portfolio and we are even prouder of how we have helped businesses to grow online and reach a wider audience.

We have worked tirelessly over the years to keep up with changing trends and new advances in website design. We evolve as technology and design trends evolve so that we can be the best at what we do.

Our clients will tell you that when they commissioned NiwTech to create a website for them they had an increase in interest and sales.

We know that a website Web Design needs to look amazing, be easy to use, reach your target audience and help them to understand your product or service. How do we do it? Keep reading and we will talk you through it.


Our process is clear and structured so that we can align with our client’s goals and visions to reach a combined objective of a fully bespoke website that exceeds expectations.

Does your website need to sell products or give information? NiwTech


We start with an in-depth meeting with you to determine what goals you want your website to achieve.

This is the most important stage as we need to develop a clear direction by answering some basic questions.

Who is the website for?
What do they expect to find there?
Does your website need to sell products or give information?
Does it focus on a particular aspect of the business or the business as a whole?
What other website will your website be competing with?

When we have a clear purpose for your website and we have identified your expectations of how you want your website to work we have a great starting point.

If we don’t get this part of the process right, we are setting off in the wrong direction.

Your Website is your Future


At this stage we can identify a basic plan for what web pages you will need and how they will need to function. This enables our NiwTech web designers and developers to identify a timeline for how each of these webpages can be created.

It is important at this stage to circle back to our original plan, with our clearly defined goal, to keep us on track. Our original plan keeps us focussed and helps us to stay on track, by setting boundaries and achievable targets.

We create a timeline with a finish line at the end.

This enables our NiwTech web designers NiwTech
foundations of your website NiwTech


Once we have our basic plan, we then go on to create the foundations of your website, which we can then build up page by page, brick by brick. We begin to look at how we can lay down webpage content and layer up the features of your website.

We create a site map, which as it sounds, is a very basic plan for how many webpages you will need and how your webpages will link. Every house needs a blueprint and websites are no different.


The content creation for each page is one of the crucial features that enables your customer to interact with your website. It is as important as any other website feature and it is one of the most important methods of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

The content ties the website together succinctly by keeping each page focused on one aspect of your business. Content drives user engagement, it needs to be presented in such a way that it keeps your audience interested. Long paragraphs are dull and nobody will read through reams of words to find the information they want.

Search engines scour the written content of your website to look for keyword themes that potential clients search for. It enables the robots to understand what your website is presenting and the search engine can then ping your website to anyone that is searching for words that align with your website content. The robots are becoming more and more clever and we need your content to be authentic and contain information that the robots identify as being useful in order to get you the best search engine ranking.

In a way the content is the secondary foundation for all of the visual aspects of your website; we build these visual aspects around the written form in order to create the most striking and effective webpage designs.

You can choose to write the content yourself and have it refined by our experienced content crew or we can write this for you.

content creation for each page NiwTech
strong visual brand. You may already have a robust NiwTech


We have created the frame and filled in some of the gaps with content and this is where we begin to work on how to catch your customers attention.

This part of the process relies on a strong visual brand. You may already have a robust, recognisable brand or you may be just starting out and need some help to develop this further. Perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle and have some solid ideas but need to develop the execution. Whatever stage you are at we can help with this.

Once we have a formidable brand, with a smart logo and colour scheme we can build the visual elements of your website. This is where we come in our own and let our imagination run wild. We have the content that we know the user will want to read but we need to catch their eye with brilliant visual elements that reel them in and get them interested.

The visual aspect of your website is the first impression of your business in the digital world and we ensure that this first impression is always astounding. How your website looks really gives the user an impression of professionalism, authenticity, business values and it helps to build trust.

Another aspect of our visual design is that your website needs to look good on any medium, whether your clients are viewing it on a desktop or mobile device. If your website looks great on a desktop but is completely unusable on a mobile device, you’ve lost all those mobile user clients.

You know your clients better than anyone and this is really the opportunity for us to enable you to stand out from your competitors by capturing their attention, otherwise you’re just another web address.


We find the whole website design process exciting, however this stage is one of the most exciting.

At this point we have all of your pages looking perfect, filled with content, in order and ready to go, but we need to identify if they are working harmoniously. This is the stage where we identify any snags with broken links or something might not be as user friendly as we thought.

We repair any cracks, smooth out all the creases and put the final coat of paint on the project to prepare for our final step.

We find the whole website design process exciting NiwTech
We give you lots of help with how to keep your website running smoothly NiwTech


At this stage we know everything looks brilliant, works beautifully and you’re ready to show your webpage off to the world.

We give you lots of help with how to keep your website running smoothly behind the scenes and our support never ends.

We are ready to take the leap and we want the world to know.

Digital Face

Today, more than ever, you need a digital platform to represent your business online and make it accessible to all of your potential clients.

A slick web design with superb content is an easy way to garner clients from places you may never have reached if you just rely on footfall alone. If your website is eye-catching, has the right information and hits your target audience then the sky is the limit for your business potential.

you need a digital platform to represent your business online NiwTech
Businesses can no longer rely solely on passers-by or word-of-mouth marketing to get people through the door NiwTech

No More Old School

Businesses can no longer rely solely on passers-by or word-of-mouth marketing to get people through the door.

More and more people today are looking online to shop-around before using a service. People today are savvy and want to get an impression of your business before they come to you and the best way to do it is to present your website in a way that gives people a snapshot of your authenticity and professionalism; this draws customers in from far and wide and allows those customers to recommend you time and time again.

Be The Best

The websites that you may use day in, day out have more than likely had a lot of behind-the-scenes work in order to get them to the top of the search on pages like Bing and Google, to make them eye-catching and user friendly.

At NiwTech, we firmly believe that in order to create the best websites with the best results there needs to be a collective effort between the web designers, web developers and you.

Our integral strategy to achieving the most attractive and effective websites is to work closely with you to achieve your vision, whilst also helping you to understand our processes.

From the beginning we develop a plan and timeline for how we can achieve your goals and realise your ideas.

At NiwTech, we firmly believe that in order to create the best websites with the best NiwTech
Your website needs to look great, be easy to use, have all the key information and reach your target audience NiwTech

Looks Great

Your website needs to look great, be easy to use, have all the key information and reach your target audience.

We feel strongly that every business has a place on the internet and more importantly they should utilise this space to make the very best of their business. More and more people are using the internet today to look for new services or better alternatives for businesses they already use.

If you haven’t got a website you are missing something that could elevate your business to another level.

let’s work together

What do we need from you?

We need to know where you want your business to go.


You know your business inside out, where you want it to go and who you want it to reach.


Your vision is our vision and we can help you to show it to the world.

What can you expect from us?

We create and design websites for any size business, whether you are just starting out and are small to large, well established businesses.


We can create simple websites with 5 webpages to larger websites that provide eCommerce functionality.


Every one of the websites we create is unique.


NiwTech are experts in creating websites for businesses that have no digital footprint on the internet today. We can help a new business start from the ground up to create a strong brand with a robust digital presence.


If you already have an established business with a website, we can elevate this to new levels by keeping your online presence fresh and relevant.



We are based in UK, but you don’t need to be. Our processes can be carried out just as closely with your involvement via remote meetings as frequently or infrequently as you like.


We use WordPress themes to give us the best functions and our websites are hosted on SiteGround.


Once your website is launched you can choose how much support you need and we can give you tutorials on a number of aspects of running a website.

We cover all the bases so you don’t have to


















What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation increases your websites visibility. When a user searches for a relevant keyword you want your website to rank highly on a search engine like Google to attract potential clients to your website to use your service.


Search engines us robots to crawl webpages, going from site to site gathering information from the webpages to determine what the website is about. Algorithms are then used to rank all the webpages based on the information contained in them in relation to search words people use. If your web page is high on the index then it will rank highly depending on how relevant it is to particular keywords.


SEO is important in ensuring that your webpage catches the eye of those that you want to attract. You can have a wonderful website but if nobody sees it, then what is the point?


Your website content is important in ensuring that your potential clients are drawn to your page. Your content should be packed with information and words that you think your potential clients will use.


Your website functionality is also important for SEO. If it isn’t mobile friendly then it isn’t going to rank highly when the robots consider how user friendly it is.


SEO is about getting people to your website organically, which means you’re not paying for adverts, your website is naturally brilliant so that you don’t need to.

Is SEO a form of digital marketing?

SEO is a fundamental part of digital marketing and most importantly it is virtually free. If your website is easy to use and is full of interesting, relevant content then it will rank highly on search engines making it readily accessible to your potential customers.


If your higher on Googles first page than your competitor then your future clients are more likely to choose you over them.

What is SiteGround?

SiteGround is a web hosting platform. What that basically means is that is where your website files are stored. Your website would not have a place to exist on the internet without have a hosting platform. 

What is web design?

Simply put, web design is the process of creating websites.


There are many steps and facets of web design and it often has to be done from scratch.


 At NiwTech our process of web design involves starting from the ground and working our way up with your goal at the core of everything we do. We add layers of attention-grabbing content and spectacular visuals to make your website rank highly, efficient, and attractive.

What is user experience (UX) design?

Websites today are not what they were at the inception of the internet. Web users today expect more and they are used to getting it.


Websites today need to be highly interactive and provide the user with exactly what they are looking for. This needs to be determined from the initial design stages by thinking like the target audience. Basic questions need to be answered when thinking of how the website should look and feel, such as, what does the user need to know about the business? How would the user like the website to be able to function? Does the website give the user value?


UX is about how a person feels when they are interacting with the website. There are a huge variety of factors that need to be considered and included in order to optimise UX.

Why is UX important in web design?

Your website could include the best information that ever existed for a particular user. However, if that user can’t interact with that information in a way that is easy for them, or attracts them, then they simply won’t.


An internet user today has incredibly high expectations of the websites that they use regularly or choose a service from. In order to retain and gain new clients you need to ensure that your standards are as high as theirs. A website is a fantastic way of doing this, but it takes a lot of experience to get it right. NiwTech has over 20 years industry experience and we have learnt how to get to know our client’s clients in order to create the most effective websites. We don’t build a website on the interaction we want; we build it for your target audience’s expectations.

What is WordPress?

WordPress powers over 39.5% of websites on the internet today.


WordPress is how NiwTech creates our websites. It how we put web pages together, link them, design them and fill them with content and pictures.


WordPress provides our web designers with an almost endless variety of plugins that can be used to optimise the look and feel of your website. It can be used to create websites that are a few simple pages to huge, multi-page eCommerce websites.